28 Jul

Ferrero launches Duplo - a new chocolate biscuit bar

Ferrero launches Duplo - a new chocolate biscuit bar

Ferrero UK is reinvigorating the chocolate biscuit category with the launch of a new hazelnut and milk chocolate biscuit bar, Duplo. The biscuit bar features two delicate layers of crispy wafer, sandwiched between a smooth hazelnut centre and coated in delicious milk chocolate. At 100 kcals each and individually wrapped, Duplo is a delicious on-the-go treat for any time of the day.

Thanks to Ferrero’s heritage and expertise in creating high-quality chocolate, Duplo enters the category as a more premium option when compared to current products available. This is evidenced by Duplo being a best seller in Germany since its launch in 1964[1], with early consumer testing in the UK and Ireland showing a wide appeal across age groups, particularly amongst adults aged 24-45[2], due to its distinctive nutty taste and flavour, and its creamy texture.

Levi Boorer, Customer Development Director at Ferrero, comments: “The initial positive consumer response already shows a strong opportunity for retailers to shake up their chocolate biscuit fixture with this new launch. The varied product formats and pack sizes give Duplo appeal across a number of different shopper missions, both enabling retailers to offer something new as on-the-go purchases return, as well as larger multipacks that allow people to manage their treating ahead of time and around the working week. Duplo is perfect for when shoppers wanting to enjoy the treat at home or on-the-go.”

Duplo is available in a variety of pack formats across supermarkets now, and to help drive awareness of the launch Ferrero is running a multi-media campaign spanning print and digital media. In addition to this, POS units are also avaialble for retailers that wish to create some in-store theatre and excitement around the launch.

[1] https://www.duplo.de/sortiment/classic/

[2] CPT Research

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